Styled by Janoffery

Janoffery Oran Clark moved to Los Angeles a little over 11 years ago from Washington DC to pursue his love for fashion. Obtaining positions for very well-known brands like Armani, Micheal Kors, Zara and AllSaints, helped Janoffery to create his amazing network of clients. His top sales and customer accolades at AllSaints created a position for him in their Robertson West Coast Flagship store as a “Brand Stylist”. With that opportunity, doors began to open where he was able to work with notable artists like: One Republic, Katy Perry, Penotonix, David and MIke Shouhed,Lauren Evans, Marlon Wayans, Ledisi, Billy Woodruff, Jermaine Jackson, and Nefeteri Plessy just to name a few.

During his tenure as a VIP celebrity stylist, on the show Lylas, styling Brunno Mars’ sisters, Janoffery created Resigning his position to pursue being a freelance Stylist, Janoffery pursued his bachelors degree in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Hollywood. From there he went on to design his JORAN collection, currently debuting Summer 2020. From growing up in a small town of Elkhart, IN., to being raised and taught by his grandparents to always contribute to others and Love always wins, Janoffery created his philanthropic organization: BE.S.U.I.T.E.D Which stands for “Be Self United In Transformation Every Day”. The mission of the organization is to change the conversation for male men of color students in high school. His mission is to instill values and self-empowerment through preparation about what to wear to visit a college as well as what to wear to a job interview or internship before  graduation. In addition, as an alumni of Global Eye Entrepreneurs, Janoffery has been able to create strategic partnerships with top businessmen and entrepreneurs in fields such as venture capital, hospitality and real estate as well as other creative relationships in fashion, product design and the music industry.

His relationships and alliances has proven his why to ring true… It reads as follows: …

"To Create Opportunities for people to be liberated and connected to Creativity of Self Love"